Learn All About Us

We are a family run company started out frustration with the Home Building Industry!  Yep, almost every member of our family is or has been in new home construction.  Who is writing this?  My name is Carlee and I was in New Home Sales.  I have my Real Estate License but am not doing much with it right now.

Instead, along with my parents, we started a website that offers customers the best products for their home, hearth and patio for less.  Our goal is for our customers to not only buy the highest quality products on the market, backed by solid warranties for assurance, but to also be the lowest prices online with free shipping straight to your front door.  At times, we can’t keep up with price drops online…so if you do find it for less, we will match it!  Provided we won’t lose money on it, that is.  If we did that, there wouldn’t be a company to run!

Camelot Living is now our passion.  While we will continue to build custom homes on the side (not me…my father the “general contractor”) our main focus is on growing our website, blogs, social network, etc. in order to have this family run business handed down to my children, and theirs, and theirs.  Seriously!

So if you are in looking to decorate your home and patio with stunning products that are fairly inexpensive…you have stumbled on the right page!  We love what we do and you will feel that throughout the purchase process.  We are here for you, pretty much 24/7!  And you can shop online around the clock at http://www.camelotliving.com.

We hope you love our weekly blog posts!  If you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them.

And lastly, thank you!  We appreciate you taking the time to read our posts!!!


Let us know your thoughts! We are interested :)

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