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You’re invited to Thanksgiving dinner…now what? 

First, jump for joy!  How wonderful that you don’t have to cook and clean up after a huge meal in your own home.  There is so much planning, prep work, shopping, cooking and cleaning that is involved with a successful dinner party.  If you are blessed to be invited to someone’s home for a big supper like Thanksgiving, I’d jump at the opportunity.  After all, don’t we all desire a stress free Thanksgiving?

Holiday DiningOne big mistake people make is showing up for the dinner party empty handed.  We found this excerpt from About.com regarding the proper etiquette when invited to someone’s home –

“It’s always a good idea to show your appreciation with a gift when invited to someone’s home. The problem is many people don’t know proper etiquette, so they feel uncomfortable having to make a decision. Remember that the size or price of the gift is insignificant. What you need to focus on instead is what that person will like.”

“Okay…so what should I bring?”

Here are five unique gifts that would be perfect for just about any host/hostess.  Each item is both unique and will fit into a tight holiday budget.  Every one of these cool holiday gift items ships within a 1-3 business days.

1.  This stunning 3 piece Stainless Steel BBQ Set by Man Law BBQ is perfect for any grill lover!  For only $29.99 and free shipping, this set is a great deal.  Not only do you get the three sturdy barbecue tool set pieces but you also receive two free steak thermometers.  And it all arrives in a nicely packaged set!  Ships out the SAME DAY as you order!!!

3-pc-stainless-steel-bbq-tool-set2.  The Firenze Torch by Fire Sense is a gorgeous polished aluminum outdoor light designed for your walkway, porch, patio and garden.  This torch is illuminated using a standard plumber’s gas canister (not included) and burns up to 4 hours per can.  On sale now, at this low price why not buy a matching pair of them?

Firenze-Torch-Fire-Sense3.   The Deco Breeze Pineapple Figurine Fan is a gorgeous table or desk top fan that includes a two speed motor enabling the user to adjust the desired air flow.  Small but beautifully detailed, this decorative fan will add a tropical feel to any home.  Offered on clearance for only $64.99, get this fan now before stock runs out.  This item also ships within 1-2 days of purchase!!!

Pineapple-Figurine-Fan4.  Modern and gorgeous, the Irradia Ethanol Fireplace by Nu-Flame combines brushed stainless steel and tempered clear glass.  The view of the fire dancing inside is stunning from all angles.  This fireplace can be used indoors and out, and includes a snuffer tool to extinguish the flame.  Oh, and it burns clean bio-ethanol fuel.  Perfect for your earth friendly/conscious family and friends!

Irradia-Ethanol-Fireplace5.  This Moonshadow Fountain by Bluworld is etched with a gorgeous bamboo design and will add tranquility to your table or desk top.  Enjoy the sound of water cascading down the slate panel into the pool of polished river rocks below.  For only $149.00, this is a gift that any receiver can enjoy year around.


These are just a handful of gorgeous, well priced items on sale at Camelot Living.  Be sure to check out all of our gift ideas online now.  Don’t forget we always offer FREE SHIPPING and only California residents pay sales tax!!!

Whatever you do, don’t show up for Thanksgiving dinner empty handed!  It is important to keep up with “old fashioned” etiquette and pass down these traditions (and manners) to the next generation!!!