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If you are one of the millions who decorate your home for the holiday, most likely you have encountered complete frustration with a portion (or, gasp…all) of your pre-strung lights on your Christmas tree and/or holiday decor burning out.  It happens all too often and requires persistence and patience to find the reason why your lights are not working.

This past weekend, I began the arduous task of holiday decorating.  Yep, seems a bit early…but we go all out and it takes a couple weeks to  complete the Christmas transformation of our home!  We have to have it done before turkey day, right?

Low and behold, I pulled out my favorite decoration, our Christmas Prelit Cross, and the middle section of lights did not illuminate when I plugged it in.  I was so disappointed and frustrated!  It worked just fine when I stored it away last season.  So now I have to figure out why and how to fix it.  It reminded me that every year, so many of us deal with this hassle and there has to be an easy way to fix it.  So I did a little research this morning and thought I would share some info I found.

But before I delve into that, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the new technology available on brand new artificial Christmas trees.  These prelit, pre-strung lights are amazing.  If one bulb burns out, the others stay lit.  We carry a few manufacturers of Christmas trees in our shop and Vickerman is one of them.  They have a patented technology called Dura-Lit that utilizes a microprocessor inside each socket to manage the power flow and consumption of each bulb independently.  So if a bulb burns out, breaks, twists or is removed, the rest of the string of lights remains lit.  No more hassling with faulty lights on your tree.  It’s a dream come true!  At least for those of us holiday nuts who decorate our home head to toe…like me!

So if you are in the market for a new artificial Christmas tree, shop our Vickerman selection now and you will be happy you did!  Year after year, your lights will shine bright!!!

Now back to how to fix your string of lights that’s not working…

There are a few sites I found with step by step instructions.  From the technical site ciphersbyritter to the ultra popular eHow, there is a ton of information out there to help you problem solve your Christmas mini-light issues.  Even help with LED Christmas lights.

The most helpful info I found that actually worked on my problematic lights was at allexperts.com.  Their suggestion was to replace the first light in the first half of the string with a “flasher light.”  You know, that extra bulb that comes with your tree that usually has a red tip.  That is the light bulb that changes your static lights into blinking ones.  Once that light is replaced, the rest of the string lit up with the exception of one light.  Hence I found the problem!  Then I replaced that one bulb, removed the flashing bulb to replace that one too (not a big fan of flashing lights) and whala!  The entire string of lights illuminated to my heart’s desire.  Problem solved!!!  The holiday saved!!!  Well, maybe that’s an overstatement.  But I have to say I am one happy decorator.

Re-posting a great blog post from last year!

Just one last tip…if you are looking for a new xmas tree this year, I suggest buying one online and having it shipped to your front door.  The selection is astonishing!  Thousands of trees of all sizes and colors.  Honestly, there’s a tree for just about everyone and for any budget.  As always, if you need help deciding which one is right for your home or office, give us a call.  We love to help!  (888) 788-3188