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Variflex-Trampolines-SetsMake sure SANTA is the hero this year!

What could be better than your child waking up Christmas morning, rushing out the back door and finding a brand new trampoline set up, ready for hours and hours of play?  Nothing comes to my mind!  I would have LOVED a new trampoline when I was a kid.  In fact, one of my favorite Christmas memories is when I was 7 years old and woke up to find that Santa had left me and my sister both a see-saw AND wood stilts!  We felt like we had hit the Lottery.  Two huge presents…what did I do to deserve that?

Why not thrill your kids this year with a brand new trampoline for your yard?  The Variflex Trampoline comes in three different sizes:  8 ft., 12′ and 15′ Diameter.  It is recommended for 6 years old and up and comes with everything needed to set up, secure and safely let the kids go wild!  From the padded poles to zipped arched entryway, every piece of the trampoline is designed to ensure safety for both kids and adults who use it.  In fact, even the mesh is knit finely to prevent fingers and toes from getting caught or tangled in the net.

These trampolines are backed by a 2 year frame warranty and 90 day fabric warranty!  You will have this in your yard for years and years to come.

Added Bonus – Trampolines are a GREAT way for kids to exercise!  Especially for those who shy away from physical activity.  They won’t even realize how much strength training they will get while they pass time jumping and having fun!!!

Check out Modern Mom on trampoline exercise benefits for kids.

One a personal note…here is a picture of us setting up our new 15′ Variflex Trampoline last year :).  This is my dad and my oldest daughter Reese.  After a couple hours, it was all set up and we’ve ALL enjoyed countless hours of jumping since!

15' Variflex_TrampolineShop the Variflex Trampolines at Camelot Living Now!