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What’s the catch?  No…really…what’s the catch?

No catch!  We are feeling generous with the holiday right around the corner.  Nothing sounds more appealing when shopping than getting a gift with purchase.  At least, that is how I feel.  No wonder I wait to stock up on my beauty supplies from Macy’s until I get that cool flier in the mail letting me know that Clinique has the cool travel bag filled with samples of various makeup items…FREE…with a minimal purchase.  Yep!  I now have a rather large collection under my sink of an assortment of bags, ready for my travels.  I love it!  Who doesn’t?

Clinique Free Gift with PurchaseJust an example of the cool Clinique Gift with Purchase Sets! 

In fact, this deal is going on right now at Macy’s!  Check it out!!!

So we thought, why not have a gift with purchase in our fountain store at Camelot Living?  While supplies last, just purchase one of the truly unique and amazing Classic Quarry Exotic Stone Fountains by Bluworld and you’ll receive a Tranquility Fountain perfect for adding the soothing sound of water and ambiance of nature to any desktop or tabletop in your home or office.

Bluworld Tanquility Pool Tabletop FountainThe Classic Quarry Collection features wall hung fountains by Bluworld that include exotic stone slabs made of various natural materials.  No two fountains are exactly alike as the stone is unique in colors and textures due to mother nature.  These stunning fountains hang on the wall either vertically or horizontally and therefore take up no floor space while adding the sound and ambiance of water combined with nature to the room.  With several fountain frames and slab choices available, options are abundant.  Match any room decor with your customized fountain!

Perfect for home but equally designed for business, the majority of fountains sold at Camelot Living are for businesses such as restaurants, medical offices, retail stores and hotels!

If you are in the market for a new fountain for your home, office, business or looking for a great gift for a loved one this holiday, shop our fountain store at www.camelotliving.com and be sure to buy now while our supplies of the Tranquility Tabletop Fountain are in stock and it is yours…FREE!


Shop these wall fountains now for your free gift with purchase