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We have been getting numerous phone orders in the past couple weeks for new patio umbrellas and bases. Same story over and over…”the storm blew my umbrella away” or “the wind knocked over my backyard umbrella and it broke.” After listening to the sad stories of lost products and a waste of hard earned money, I then ask how the umbrella was secured on the patio.

Me – “Was it bolted down to the concrete?”

Caller – “No.”

Me – “Was it deck mounted with a plate?”

Caller -“No.”

Me – “Did you use a heavy duty umbrella stand?”

Caller – “I think so. Not really sure.”

Hmmm…you would think that having this discussion over and over, and helping others find the right umbrella stand for their new umbrella would make us experts. You would think. Well guess what happened to us this past weekend? One of our umbrellas tipped over in the wind and fell into the pool. Yep, fell right in where the family was swimming and enjoying the water. Some experts we are! Even we can’t keep our umbrellas standing tall always. But honestly, we knew better. Our umbrella base is not heavy enough for the size of our patio umbrella. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Here is a picture from the weekend. Had to block out my sister’s face. She would have my head on a platter if I posted this showing her gorgeous face…sans makeup!

That’s the thing with beautiful outdoor patio umbrellas. They stand strong outdoors in fair weather and definitely add a ton of shade from harmful UV rays of the sun. However, when left outdoors during strong wind or stormy weather, you better have it secured down to a surface, canopy closed and if it is freestanding, use a heavy duty weighted umbrella base. It doesn’t do any good to spend money on a patio umbrella, regardless of your budget, and not invest in the proper shade mount. It would be like buying a ping pong table without buying the paddles and ball. It would look great in your yard, but not useable.

You get the point! Okay, so you may be wondering what an appropriate mounting option would be for your umbrella. It all depends. Depends on where you plan to use your shade. Do you want it stationary or moveable? Is it going through an outdoor table? What is the size of your canopy? These are the questions we ask when assessing which base is appropriate.

As a rule of thumb, the heavier the base the better. Regardless of where you are using your umbrella. Though if it is standing through a table, it is assisted by the furniture and less weight is necessary. You may want an umbrella stand with wheels if you plan on moving it around the patio. Or you could choose the deck mount plate to secure your shade poolside and have it permanently attached to the deck. We also a lot of in ground bases, galvanized aluminum steel that is placed in concrete before it sets. Then the opening is flush with the patio surface and your shade can easily be inserted into the base. Free standing bases are what the majority of consumers purchase. From concrete base to granite to steel, these stands are available in a variety of weights, sizes and price. There is the perfect weighted umbrella base for any budget.

We thought we would highlight four of our top sellers. By far, these four stands out sell the others. We have the Deck Mount Plate, Black 75 lb. Base with Wheels, 110 lb. Base with Wheels and Handles…and last, our Rome Granite Base which is available in 88 lbs, 143 lbs and 198 lbs! All are available at Camelot Living and ship out to buyers within 3-5 business days. These top sellers are manufactured by companies committed to providing quality shades and accessories – Greencorner, California Umbrella and Caravita. Prices range from $119.99 up to $299.99.

Bottom line, if you take anything away from reading this post, please remember the importance of the proper umbrella base for your shade system. It is imperative to choose the right weight to protect your investment. You need to know the size of your canopy, diameter of your umbrella pole and where you plan to use your umbrella in your backyard. Then we can help with the rest. Just call us! It is what we are here for. (888) 788-3188. After all, we are the experts…right? Hey! I’ve heard that even therapists don’t counsel family members. So give us a little leeway. We’ll learn to heed our own advice. One of these days :).

Happy Summer ~ Enjoy your patio!