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I’m cranky and I know it. That’s what I am singing to the tune of LMFAO’s most popular tune. My girls sing “I’m awesome and I know it” since they are not allowed to use the word sexy. Seriously, why would I want my little girls going around singing or saying that word? I don’t even let them use the word “hate.” That word is overly used and it really is a horrible, ugly word. Wow! I digress. I’ll save my parenting conversation for another day.

Back to being cranky. Anyone wondering why? One hint – 110 degrees. Yep! Scorching hot outside to the point that spending over a few minutes outdoors causes me to feel like I can barely breathe and will collapse into a puddle on the concrete (envision melting popsicle now.) I am one of those people who does not do well in the heat. My girls know, mommy is crankiest in the throes of summer! My only relief is found indoors with the air conditioning cranked up or up to my neck in the cool water of the swimming pool. At least I can admit it!

In fact, just yesterday heading home from karate we had this discussion in the car. I was short with Reese over a trivial request she made, had to take a few moments to clear my head and apologize, then we got into an interesting 5 minute conversation about what makes us cranky. Just like me, she gets crankiest when she is overheated. And when she has a headache. Then my 6 year old Chey piped up from the backseat and said she is cranky when she is tired and frustrated. And then she added hot too! I am thinking we need to move!!! Or else you may want to stay far, far away from my family in the summer. And California has awfully long summers!!!

In our home we have a fan or two in every single room. Okay, maybe not the laundry room and technically, the bathrooms have exhaust fans…but every other room has a free standing fan in addition to the ceiling fan running 24/7. We also keep our central air set at 78 degrees and I won’t even mention how much our monthly electric bill is.

I know there are a lot of people out there just like us. We have been selling fans like crazy on our website over the past couple months. Though they are not air conditioners, they absolutely help circulate the air in the house, and outdoors, keeping the temperature down a bit. If you don’t have a few in your home, I highly recommend getting one right away. It will make your room feel 10 degrees cooler instantly.

With the heat and cooling off on my mind, I ran across this great fact sheet from our fan manufacturer Deco Breeze today and thought that it was an interesting read. Hence my blog post today. In a nutshell, it summarizes the top 10 reasons to sell their products in our stores and online. We love working with them and have not had ONE issue with their products since we started selling them. So here are the top 10 reasons WE think YOU should buy a Deco Breeze fan. And for us to narrow it down to only 10 was difficult to do.


  1. Totally Unique Products – who knew a fan, something not typically considered “decor” could add style and beauty to a room? Hello 2012! These fans are stunning. Beautiful finishes and detailed designs, from modern to antique to shabby chic, so many styles to choose from.
  2. Decorative AND Functional – In addition to their beauty, these fans function and do it well. Most oscillate and include 3 settings allowing users to add just the right amount of air flow to the room.
  3. People Love Fans – I am exhibit number 1. Statistics show that 85% of American Homes have at least one fan. And most of those are unsightly at best. Remember those big box looking fans in which your mom kept yelling at you to keep your fingers away from the holes. Was it just me? Well these fans will be a permanent piece in the room with no need to store it away or hide it. It will enhance the room decor.
  4. Go Green & Cost Effective – Like I mentioned, fans cool down the room instantly and reduces the need to keep your air conditioning set a lower temperatures. You can cool your office, business, home for less money by reducing your electric bill running the central air less often.
  5. Designs For All Types of Decor – Like previously mentioned, these fans are beautifully decorative and come in a wide variety of styles. Over 160 to choose from!
  6. High Quality Productd – The Deco Breeze line of decorative floor standing and table top fans are constructed with the finest of material, are certified for UL Standard 507 (technical deets people) and use copper spun, whisper quiet excellent quality motors. Need we say more?
  7. Proven to Reduce SIDS – According to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health, appearing in the October , it is now proven that you can help prevent SIDS by over 70% by using a fan in a child’s room! Seriously? Seriously. Seeing how the most expensive fan we sell is under $250, sounds like a no brainer if you have a little one at home.
  8. Indoor & Outdoor Fans – Living outdoors is on the rise as there are so many wonderful products available to consumers to transform their backyards into fully functioning outdoor living rooms. From outdoor sofa and conversation sets to big screen all-weather rated televisions, you can create a fully functional family room in your yard. Deco Breeze has a handful of gorgeous outdoor fans to add a cooling touch to your patio living. There is even a misting kit that can simply be attached to the fan for extra relief from the heat. How cool is that? No pun intended.
  9. Outdoor Fans Reduce Bugs – According to the Today Show, outdoor fans are the number 1 way to keep mosquitoes away. Throw in the fact that they also reduce the fly count and I can’t find a reason not to buy an outdoor fan immediately.
  10. Reasonable Prices – These beauties are really well priced. Starting at $50 for a cool desk top fan, on up to about $250 for a stunning floor standing fan, you would have to agree that price is not a deterrent when deciding which one to buy. You will see the savings on your next electric bill.
  11. BONUS REASON – These fans make great gifts! Such a unique item, makes a great present for family, friends, co-workers, teachers, etc. We have cool retro fans that sell for $50, gorgeous table top – desk top fans that are also lamps (love it) that sell for $140. Who wouldn’t want a fan? Makes a great gift!!!

So have I convinced you yet? Are you like me and detest the heat? I hope I don’t sound like a crazy lady. A little heat is okay really. I am even okay with it hitting 90 degrees. But once it reaches (and surpasses) 100 degrees, I feel like pulling my hair out and running to Alaska.

In the meantime while I reside in good old Southern California, I will just keep adding cooling fans in my home, my backyard, my office, my girls rooms, my kitchen, my…you get it :). Check out some of the beautiful fans available!!!

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