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One thing I know for sure…I am truly blessed! My life took a turn a few years ago and at that time, it was difficult to see the silver lining. Now, three years later, that lining shines SO bright it blinds me. Though at times it is difficult to juggle being a single parent, working in a family business and so tight on money; when all is said and done, I am one happy and blessed woman!

The benefits of working in a family business are abundant. The best part for me is the ability to have a flexible schedule and bring my daughters to work with me in the summer when they are out of school. It really got me thinking though about the rest of the world. How do parents do it? Especially single parents. It is so expensive to pay for child care that unless you have a huge salary, it almost isn’t worth it. But then again, you have to bring in money to support the family. Such a dilemma.

It makes me sad to think of all those struggling out there trying to make ends meet yet falling short. Children grow up so quickly and when I was working a high paying job, outside of the home, though we had plenty of money to buy most of what we wanted, we were short (extremely) on family time! Was it worth it? Looking back, I think not. So now that our family is working hard (and long hours) to build a business that will last my lifetime, God willing, I am blessed with having my girls near to me and delight in the everyday little things I used to miss out on.

My name is Carlee and I love what I do. What is it I do at Camelot Living? Pretty much anything and everything. I work with shoppers/customers to find the perfect product for their patio. I scour the internet and trade shows to find new products for us to add in our online store. I write our blog weekly. I focus on our website graphics and advertisements to make it more user friendly and appealing. And I count my blessings every day. We are grateful for each and every sale and celebrate even the smallest of successes with hearts full of joy.

Around our office, you won’t see fear or sadness. We are optimistic for the future we envision and wear huge smiles to work every day. We love what we do and hope to pass that on to each and every interaction we have every day!!!

Here is a picture (or two) of my view.  Doesn’t get much better than this!!!