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I spotted a gorgeous teak table on “Guiliana & Bill” the other day… 

More on the table in a minute…

First off, I love this show on the Style Network.  It is a reality show starring the married couple Guiliana and Bill Rancic.  You may know Guiliana from E! News, Fashion Police or as the excellent red carpet host alongside Ryan Seacrest for all the major Hollywood awards shows.  She is the tall, beautiful brunette with long hair and even longer legs.  If you don’t know who she is, I suggest you tune in to either E! for Fashion Police on Fridays…or Style Network for Guiliana & Bill Tuesday nights and get to know her.

Guiliana is one of those rare souls that you instantly fall in love with onscreen.  She has struggled with infertility and cancer over the past couple years and has done so with grace, dignity and humor, never losing hope in returning to health and having the family she always dreamed of.  Her smile is infectious and her love shines through each and every pore of her body.  She is also supported by Bill, her husband and former Apprentice winner, who lifts her gently up and shows us all how a husband could and should be.  Their show is entertaining, to say the least and I look forward to Tuesday nights weekly ready to tune in.

So back to that gorgeous teak table!  As I watched last week, I spotted it  in their backyard.  In fact, it was hard not to stare at it.  It was huge!  Expansive and stunning, it definitely caught my eye.  The table looked long enough to seat an army…more like 12 really, but who’s counting?  Though they didn’t purchase it from us online (darn it – that would have been SO cool), we do carry that table – or at least one that looks just like it!  So true to form, I had to snap a picture and show you all.  If you want that look, we can help you get it!!!