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Stay Cool This Summer!

Looking for ways to cool down as the sun heats up this summer?  If your answer is yes, I suggest you read on!

If you are like me, when July rolls around I begin to worry each day as I open the mail, wondering what surprise Southern California Edison has in store for me.  You see, as the heat rises upwards of triple digits, my air conditioning runs just about 24/7 to keep my home cool.  Set to a comfortable 75°s we can enjoy summer indoors without sweating profusely.  In order to maintain that comfort though, we end up paying a high price when our monthly electric bill arrives!

We have found a product that will not only help keep your indoors cool without running the air conditioning unit…but will in turn reduce that monthly electric bill greatly!

Coolaroo Window Sun Shades – Awesome!

 Camelot Living now carries Coolaroo window sun shades by Gale Pacific.  These shades come in a variety of colors and sizes and are extremely affordable!  Starting at just $79.99, you can add the easy to install shade to your porch, patio and exterior windows.  Everything you need for the simple installation is included and the benefits are great!

These Coolaroo shades block up to 90% of the suns harmful UV rays and with the breathable fabric, allow air to flow through substantially reducing your indoor temperature and saving on your energy costs.  This is a great product manufactured by a company that is focused on reducing its environmental footprint, the kind of company we want to work with.

Durable, functional, easy to install, effective at both shading any outdoor area while reducing the temperature…and best of all, saves you money by reducing energy costs!!!

Check out this interesting Blog Post by downanddirtyorganics!  Great tips for keeping cool without running your air conditioning this summer.