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Mosaic Glass Table Top Fan/Lamp

Living in Southern California has a lot of wonderful things to offer…close to year around sunshine, the beach, the mountains, the desert, dry heat and cool evenings…but one of the negative parts of living on the west coast is the extreme heat in the midst of summer.  It is difficult to escape the months of sweat unless you are willing to shell out big bucks on the electric bill for constant cooling in your home.  Most likely, you are not willing or able to pay those high bills and need a great alternative to keep you cool when the sun is hot.  We have something that just may do the trick…to keeping you comfortable and your electric bill manageable.

We offer a full line of Deco Breeze decorative fans for cooling both your indoor and outdoor patio living areas.  Just today we have added their newest products which combine the beauty of a decorative fan with the illumination of a table lamp.

Imagine having this beautiful lamp sitting on your desk next to your computer…yep, the one you are using to read this…and having the ability to cool down at the push of a button.  And you get to choose just how much breeze you need, with the three speed settings and oscillating motor.  Not only that, this fan includes a 30 watt motor that is “whisper quiet” so you won’t be annoyed by a humming sound while you work.

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