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Why you should buy Teak!

We love teak at Camelot Living because of three reasons. Teak wood patio furniture is beautiful, extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. Seriously! What more could you want from investing in outdoor furniture? Maybe after a bit more information, I will have you “sold.” Because if you are in the market for a new outdoor table dining set…or garden bench, I highly suggest you spend those precious dollars on something that will last a lifetime!

  1. Beautiful – Teak furniture comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. From stunning garden benches to large patio extension tables seating extra large families, you can find pretty much any and all outdoor porch and patio furniture in teak wood. Teak is regarded as one of the most beautiful, high-quality woods manufactured today. Due to it’s dense, straight-grained hardwood and naturally high oil content with distinct aroma, teak furniture has become highly sought after as has ship building using teak wood.
  2. Durable – Like mentioned above, teak wood is very dense. Therefore it is extremely strong. That density prevents many issues outdoor furniture is faced with. It is almost impervious to the effects of the sun, rain, snow and other weather conditions, enabling it to maintain its beauty over the years when left outdoors. It also is both mildew and insect resistant…meaning you don’t have to worry about rotting or those nasty termites ruining your outdoor living room! Therefore, your beautiful patio furniture will last over the years and can be handed down from generation to generation.
  3. Low Maintenance – Teak wood is amazing in that it does not require much care to stay beautiful. Just an occasional cleaning will do the trick to keep it fresh and lovely in your backyard. Over time, and if left alone, teak wood will naturally age and gradually have the appearance of a silvery-gray color as the pigment fades. If you choose to keep the look of the wood the same as the day you brought it home, you can use a teak cleaner and sealer as shown in the picture above. Not necessary, but up to you depending on what finish you prefer.

You’ll find the finest of hand-crafted Teak Patio Furniture at Camelot Living.