Summertime…and the living is easy!
Long Island Adirondack Chair
Long Island Adirondack Chair
I just love that song! Makes me want to grab a tall glass of iced tea, my favorite novel (right now is Pillars of the Earth!) and sit on the porch in a rocking chair, relaxing in the sunshine.
Summer is definitely here and it sure is heating up. Time to enjoy your pool and backyard living! The kids are out of school, summer vacations are in full swing and many of us choose to spend those vacations right in our very own backyards, creating wonderful memories right at home. Choosing to invest your precious dollars in transforming your home to the ultimate getaway is wise. Not only do you get to enjoy those products for the summer, but you also have them year round when you need them. Who couldn’t use a patio umbrella to shade any outdoor area? And why not add a bbq to grill delicious family meals…all year long? We have a huge selection of products that will add color, flare, functionality, beauty and more to your porch and patio!
Color – Color – Color
We thought it would be cool to give you the current trends on which colors are hits and which are misses right now for your home and patio. According to an article on that discusses which colors are “in” and which ones are “out”. It is a really interesting read as it links the colors we choose to the reasons why – housing crisis, war and current state of the economy. I encourage you to use the link above and read it…but if you are short on time, here is the list of which colors are hot for summer.
  • Neutrals continue to flourish – Monochromatic color schemes
  • Gray is now surpassing Brown in popularity – Chocolate brown is now waning in comparison to lighter shades (cinnamon & spice)
  • Green continues to be a favorite – Eco-consciousness
  • Blue is still strong and is soothing for most
  • Red accents are great when mixed with black & white decor