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Headline News!!!  Liquid/Gel Ethanol Fuel

There has been an influx of news stories regarding the use of liquid ethanol fuel and the dangers associated with misuse of the product.  As we carry many products that use this type of fuel, and know the advantages that go along with it, we thought it would be a good idea to further inform our buyers as to the important steps to take to prevent any accidents while using these amazing products.

Gel Fuel Recommendations:

Safety recommendations from manufactures are easy to miss when you are receiving and installing your new home improvements.  We want to remind everyone to take the time to read and “Be Safe”. You should treat all fire-related products with extreme care and caution.  This includes charcoal grills, wood burning fires, oil-based torches or any fire-related product. The beautiful ambiance you achieve by using open flames can easily disappear if use and care directions are not followed.   We don’t want anyone to get hurt!

We wanted to share with you what has been in the news.  Please click on the links below to see what has been in the news lately.

New York Times articleClick here to read (I had to sign up to access this one but it is worth it)

Good Morning America Segment: Click to view story

Both headlines discuss ethanol based fuel which may not apply specifically to you but the reminder is good for all of us.  Keep in mind there are different formulations of pour gel fuel and they have different qualities and burning characteristics.

We’ve listed our recommendations for staying safe while using Gel Fuel products of any type below:

  • Make sure your Gel Fuel has been thoroughly tested by independent labs and has proven to be safe when used as directed.
  • Take the time to carefully read and understand the labels and instructions relating to your pour gel, canned fuel and appliance.  These instructions are sometimes included in the packaging and may be thrown away in the excitement of unwrapping your new addition.
  • Be well informed regarding the safe use of any flammable gel fuel product.
  • Don’t overfill the reservoir and clean up any spills before lighting.
  • Use a long match or lighter to start the flame.
  • Don’t move or touch the unit once it is lit.
  • Use a snuffer to put out the flame.
  • Adding fuel to an open-flame is a potentially hazardous activity.  Do NOT add fuel of any sort to any existing fire or reservoir when it’s already burning or hot, for any reason. Follow the cool down directions exactly. Lighting a gel-fueled product before it has properly cooled can result in injury. Allow products to cool 20 minutes before lighting them again.
  • Keep fuel out of the reach of children, they just don’t understand all the hazards.  Remember to secure the tops of the containers so children are tempted even less.
  • Never transfer the fuels into other containers since children may mistake the new container with container of common drink items.

Although the items listed above seem like common sense, sometimes a reminder is all we need to change how we do something.  Please keep this information in mind for a safer summer and a better life.  It never hurts to be safe!

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