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With temperatures on the rise and summer rapidly approaching, the window of opportunity for enjoying a cool evening with friends and family is slowly closing.  But then again, we are writing from the Golden state of California!  A few of us recently took a mini vacation to Gig Harbor, Washington to visit friends and much to our surprise…it was cold!  And when I write cold, boy do I mean it!  It was a great reminder that there are many states which do not heat up as soon in the year as we do.  Thankfully, our evenings are still cool and comfortable.  So with these thoughts, we are blogging to introduce some home and patio products to enhance your comfort while those cool evenings carry on.
Wondering which products you should add to your back or front yard?  Here are some suggestions and please keep in mind that we have product specialists standing by to help with any questions you may have!

Fire Pits – Fire Pits are a simple and great addition adding warmth to any area.  With so many different types, it is fairly easy to figure out which one would work best for you.  There are wood burning and propane gas versions…and ones that include a hose to hook up to your natural gas line from your home.  Once you decide which burning type you prefer, you have the decor options of different finishes.  Stainless Steel, Bronze, Black and Copper are the most popular finishes.  The fire light dances beautifully and reflects against the metals creating a visual delight that will also keep you cozy.  In addition, there are portable versions lightweight enough to take to your favorite ball game…and on the flip side, there are larger versions big enough to warm an outdoor lounge area in commercial use.  Some pits include a table top…and some can be converted to a lovely beverage holder in the summer by filling the bowl with ice and adding your favorite drinks.  Options are endless!

Patio Heaters – Patio heaters are larger than the fire pits and emit much more heat.  There are several versions of patio heaters available, all with adjustable BTU’s (that is heat output) and some with wheels for easy movement on the patio.  The first thing you need to consider when shopping for a patio heater is the area of warmth needed.  We offer a patio heater for commercial use, capable of heating up to an 18 foot circle (46,000 BTU’s) for as low as $239.95.  Now that is a deal!  Or if you are looking to heat a smaller area, we have tall patio heaters as low as $189.99.  Maybe you want to heat an outdoor table and don’t need a tall version?  Table top patio heaters are a great product in that instance.  Low cost and strong enough to raise the outdoor temperature 10-25 degrees, these smaller units are portable and efficient.  Patio heaters are available in propane gas, natural gas, infrared, halogen and electric.  They also come in a variety of styles and finishes.  From a decorative wicker heater to a sturdy commercial black finish heater, there are tons to choose from.

Outdoor Fireplaces – We offer a variety of outdoor fireplaces, ranging from small table top units to larger fire bowls and wall hanging gel fireplaces.  These fireplaces add style and decor to your outdoor living.  Selecting from beautiful fire columns to wood burning pagoda fireplaces, you have a huge selection to choose from for unbeatable prices.  The inventive gel burning fireplaces by Real Flame are tremendously popular.  The gel burning fuel is so cool!  When burning, the gel crackles like a wood burning fire yet it is eco friendly and clean burning.  You should definitely give it a try!  Many of the outdoor fireplaces make great gifts and are priced as low as $85.95.

Don’t forget to shop our BBQ Grills section also!  After all, isn’t part of the fun of outdoor living eating great food?  We have a variety of sizes and styles of BBQ’s for outdoor grilling.